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The world is a beautiful place, and I enjoy many, many things. I try to arrange my life so that I am surrounded by nature much of the time, and I usually have animals and plants about me in some form. I love music, particularly singing, and many forms of dance, both of which I don't get to see, hear or do enough of at the moment. I also enjoy all the other arts at different times.

I am a voracious reader of both fact and fiction and always hungry for new knowledge - I often jokingly describe myself as an information junkie! I am particularly interested in history and natural sciences, but there are not many subjects that couldn't get my attention at least for a little while.

I prize communication and making connections, and I love to talk and listen, both in intimate conversations and with groups of people, emotional and cultural sharing or intellectual debate. I can be very lively, which I must balance with times of stillness - or I'd spin out of control!

I am not much into sports, but I do like to walk and I am reasonably fit simply because my life includes a fair bit of physical work on my farm. I enjoy cities only in short bursts, but I do enjoy them, for the cultural life and the sheer throng and variety of humanity. I used to travel a lot, and valued making contact with other cultures, but financial and other constraints have placed some limitations on that in recent years. All in all, as you may have guessed by now, I love exploring and experiencing the amazing richness and variety of life on this earth.

The world is also a place of many problems and much ugliness, and I spend A LOT of my time trying to improve those. My current focus is on environment and sustainable agriculture. These have been important themes throughout my life, but I have at other times also involved myself in social or cultural issues. Things shift and change as I move through time and place and different issues make their way to the top of my priority list at different times. I am passionate about and committed to the causes I take on. There is always so much to do and never enough people to do it, which does place me at risk of occasionally collapsing under the sheer weight of it. Then I need sanctuary for a little while, and someone to keep the wolves at bay! Oh, and, because making the world a better place doesn't ever seem to pay well, I never have much money.

My epitaph shall be:

Life may not always have been easy - but it was never boring...!